1.Why did you change from crosscountry to biathlon?

I didn't qualify for 1994 winter olympics, and so I lost my fun in cross country skiing. Then I decided together with my, at that time, training collegue and friend Steffi, to change the sport and try biathlon.

2.What facinates you about biathlon?

Of course the unique combination of fitness in running and consentration in shooting. You never know who will win, and that makes the sport so incredibly exciting.

3.Which worldcup venue is your favourite?

Oslo is my favourite, but also Oberhof and Ruhpolding because of the unique spectators who warm my heart.

4.How do you prepare for a race?

Mostly I try to relax, but if it is an important race, it is difficult. Then I try to divert my thoughts with a good book.

5.How do you deal with a bad run?

Usually the disappointment dominates, but after a certain time I try to find the possible cause, and try to avoid it in the next competition, by working on it so that next time everything fits better, a lot of luck is needed, too.

6.What do you prefer to train? (Shooting, mountainbike, strength)

Shooting, because that is, as you know, my biggest reserve.

7.What do you think about talisman?

Pretty much, really. Because I don't leave home or go travelling without my HUGO (plush-penguin), and my chain with a glass heart.

8.What do you think about the development of the biathlonsport?

I think the development is quite positive. Even if it sometimes is a lot of stress for us sportsmen, it is nice to win new fans to this very interesting sport.

9.How do you go along with your team colleagues?

I go along with them pretty well. I share a room with Martina Zellner, but I have no problems with the other girls, either.

10.What are your goals in sport?

Of course to take part in the Olympic games in Salt Lake City in February 2002, I also run for my first individual worldcup victory (haven't given up that hope).

11.What do you think about the relation between athlete and fan?

As long as they leave me alone in important situations, it is quite allright.

12.How do you imagine your life after the sport?

Of course building up a family, and maybe I will get a job as a nursery school teacher, or a completely different job, we must wait and see.

13.Does your family relations suffer (boyfriend, parents, friends) during the long seperation in winter?

It is difficult not to see a person you love for along time, but the more pleased you are to see eachother again.

14.How did you come to the defence forces?

Competitive sports is only possible in Germany if you find the necessary support. In the sport promotion group of the defence forces in Oberhof, I find the basic conditions for a proffesional exercise.

15.What is your hobby?

I'm an inspired hobby cook and baker. I also like reading an exiting book, now and then.

16.What music do you listen to?

Nearly everything which is current at the moment.

17. What is your favorite food and drinking?

My mother's thurignian dumplings, everything for barbeque and of course noodles. I drink nearly everything and of course a glass of red vine now and then.

18. How would you characterize yourself?

I'm very good natured, mostly a little bit bad mooded in the morning, sometimes a little bit too chaotic but therefore often humorous and I find the right words in every situation. I'm mostly reserved against people I don't know.