1.What is your personal conclusion from the last season, and what can you use in preparation for the new season?

My conclusion from the last season is: due to, some bad shootings, I ruined my chances of good results in worldcup. So in this year I must at first improve my shooting. Whether I succeeded or not we will see next week.

2.Did your summer training go as you wished?

The summer training went very well.

3.Have you been without injuries or other diseases?

I have been without injuries through the summer. Except in Vuokatti, where I had a cold and had to rest. At times I had pain in my back, but that is because of my age, I am not the youngest anymore.

4. Have you prepared differently for the Olympic games, than for a normal season?

The preparation has been the same as in other years, however the main thing is to stay healthy.

5. What are your expectations for this season?

I hope I will be in Salt Lake City in February, but first I have to qualify. Furthermore I wish to have a nice and white winter with many exciting and fair races.

6. What do you expect for the first race?

After my bad results in the preparation, I hope I can be better and maybe qualify before Christmas. We will see. I hope my fans cross their fingers for me.

7. During the summer, are there any chances about sponsors and equipment?

There hasn't changed anything about sponsors or equipment.