What have been the nicest moments in your career beside victories?

The Olympic Winter Games are the most impressive moments for many sportsmen. If you can go to the medal ceremony too, that takes some beating.

Would you support your children doing sport?

If they have fun - why not. But I would not force them to do so.

What's your favourite book and your favourite author?

Author: Ken Follett and his books. I have read most of his books.

It seems that you are doing better in relay races than in individual races. Do you have an explanation for that?

At least I am known for doing better in relay races. But I have shown, that I can succeed in individual races as well. The pressure in a relay race is often higher because you do not want to disappoint the other three from your team.

What means popularity for you?

Your privacy is often very limited. I do dislike if other watch me. But popularity can be useful as well. It is not the most important in life.

What do you dislike on fans?

Only because of the many fans biathlon became as popular as it is today. There are fanatical and less fanatical fans. Some of them should know, that sportsmen have a right of privacy as well.

Which things in your life you are proud of?

I am proud of my parents, because they brought me up to that, what I am today.

Which races of the last season anoyed you most?

The whole last season was bad. Some competitions were bad because of shooting and some were bad because of running.

Which shot is the most difficult one for you?

Standing up the first and the forth.

If yo would not became biathlete, which profession/sport would you ave choosen?

Biathlon is the most fascinating kind of sport. I can not imagin to have chosen another one. My profession I have chosen already. I lik children and hope to work in that field one day in the future.

Which biathlete women is the best in your opinion? Who influenced you most?

Magdalena Forsberg is the best biathlete women for me. But I can not say who influenced me most.

What is easier for you on the track: leading or follow somebody?

I like to run in the pool position, because than I can run my pace than. But sometimes it is better to follow others.

Which victory in your career is your most valuable?

My first victory in the World Cup, because I had to wait so long for that moment. I like it also, because it has been my best one in running and shooting.