Interview December 2004

What did you do in your spare time during the trainings camps?

We did not have so much spare time. We watched DVDs, played dice or played "Who am I?".

How do you cope with the short days in scandinavia in the winter time?

It is not so easy. I feel often tired and think it is evening. But the tracks and the shooting range are illuminated.

What is your favourite dish from the scandinavian kitchen?

Graved salmon and Havregröt.

Did you see northern lights during the time of the trainingscamp?

No, unfortunately we did not see northern lights this year.

How did you celebrate christmas?

We made raclette with my family.

What was your favourite Christmas present?

A wok (a pan for cooking chinese food), I am looking forward to my first dish with it.

What did you cook for Christmas?

Glaced honey-ginger duck.

Did you get a Christmas favour from your trainer?

Yes, he placed the shooting mats for us. (smiles)

How will you spend New Years Eve?

I will celebrate with my family, same as on Christmas.

Do you have good intentions for the new year?

I would like to continue there, where I finished at Östersund.

Are you looking forward to the World Cups at Oberhof and Ruhpolding? Are the many fans stress for you?

Basically I am looking forward, but it will be a hard time. The tracks at Oberhof are difficult. And I want to meet all the expectations, what will be not so easy.

How do you like the new procedure in the shooting range, where every athlete has to find his place himself?

There is no longer a person, who tells you your range number. When ten women come together to the shooting range, you have to count the numbers and find your range number quickly. I find it is not the best solution, but maybe we become accustomed to it during the winter.