Interview September 2005

How went your summer training?

I am satisfied with my training, even if I had problems with my back. In august we put the basis for the winter at the Belmeken in Bulgaria.

Are you satisfied with the results of the German Championships?

This year the German Championships took place at three places. At Ruhpolding I took place 24. This was a very bad start. In the pursuit it went better. I went from place 24 to place 10 and considering only this day I had the 6th time.
At Altenberg I took place four in the individual competition. In the mixed relay competiton I won together with Jörn Wollschläger and Alexander Wolf. I had the second best time of all women.
At Oberhof I took place four in the mass start. The running went not so well as expected. Together with Kati Wilhelm and Andrea Henkel I became German Champion in the relay. Since we won this title also four years ago, it is a good sign for the Olympic Games.

Are competitions on ski rollers and on ski comparable?

The Marwe ski roller from Finland are made from wood and are very similar to ski. In the past the heavy athletes had advantages downhill. This is no longer the case. The ski roller are a little bit faster than ski on fast snow, but they are a very good form of training.

What did you change in your training?

I have trained my reactions for the stand-up shooting. Beside that I worked for my speed and did more step jumps uphill.

What is on the plan after the German Championships?

I will relax for one week and in the middle of october we will do the first ski training on the Dachstein glacier at Austria. Than we hope for snow in scandinavia and will go for ski training to Finland at the beginning of november. The first world cup will take place on november 20th.

Do you have new sponsors in the new season?

My sponsors (E.ON-Ruhrgas, DKB and Viba) are the same as last season.

What are your goals for the coming season?

I would like to take part in the Olympic Games.

We wish you all the best for the coming season!