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June 15th 2007 On June 21st 2007 the "Danke Katrin-Rennen" ("Thank you Katrin-Race") will take place at Frankenhain. More infos (German) under

March 18th 2007 Katrin had a good end of her biathlon-career at Khanty-Mansiysk and got the ranks 7 in the sprint, 8 in the pursuit and 11 in the mass start. We wish her all the best for the future and good health.
The final in the World Cup has been very thrilling. At the end Andrea teached us one lesson "With 5 errors after the first shooting everything is possible".

March 12th 2007 At the World Cup at the Holmenkollen near Oslo Katrin had three good races. In the mass start competition she had good chances for a top 6 result. At the end it was rank 11.

March 4th 2007 Katrin got rank 17 in the individual and rank 20 in the sprint at the World Cup at Lahti. Today she improved to the 14th rank in the pursuit. Martina Glagow, Kati Wilhelm, Kathrin Hitzer and Andrea Henkel got the first four ranks - a better result is almost impossible.

February 27th 2007 Yesterday Katrin announced that she will end her career at the end of this World Cup season. She said: "The World Cup final this year will be the last race of my career. After 22 years of professional sport my body is not the youngest anymore. Especially in the last years it was not easy to keep in touch with the best in the world. I think it is time to start other things."
More details in German under

February 13rd 2007 Unfortunately Katrin has not been nominated for the World Championships at Antholz. But the German Biathlon women were very successful anyway. Gold for Magdalena Neuner in the sprint and the pursuit, bronze medal for Martina Glagow in the individual, a complete medal set for Andrea Henkel, Martina Glagow and Kati Wilhel in the mass start and Gold in the relay were an excellent result. Congratulations !

Janary 21st 2007 Today Katrin got rank 19 in the mass start race at Pokljuka. She has deserved some days of relaxation before she will travel to the training camp at Obertilliach. We hope Katrin stays healthy and will find back to her old strength in running and shooting.

Janary 19th 2007 As all competitors of the pursuit race Katrin had to fight against the wet and slow snow conditions today. At the end she got rank 13 with 4 penalty loops. The winner of the race was Kati Wilhelm with only one shooting error.

Janary 17th 2007 Zero errors in the shooting range were the base for Katrin's 9th place in the sprint competition at Pokljuka today. This is a good start position for the pursuit on friday.

Janary 14th 2007 Today Katrin got rank 25 in the mass start competition at Ruhpolding. She is still in the phase of build up training.

Janary 3rd 2007 The new year starts not perfectly for Katrin. She will not start at Oberhof for reasons of health. We wish her to get well soon and hope for a comeback at Ruhpolding.

December 17th 2006 Katrin got the rank 16 in the individual and the sprint at the second World Cup at Hochfilzen. That gave her new heart. But today in the relay everything went wrong - 3 penalty loops and rank 4 at the end. We think it will get better at Oberhof in the new year.

December 10th 2006 Today Katrin took part in the winner ceremony for the first time in this World Cup season. In the World Cup at Hochfilzen she improved from rank 12 after the sprint to the seventh place in the pursuit. Andrea Henkel won both races.
Today she will keep her fingers crossed for the German team. Because of some training deficits she did not want to start.

December 3rd 2006 Today Katrin improved her rank in the pursuit from 26 to 14. The German biathlon team of the women had a very compact result - Kati Wilhelm 4., Martina Glagow 5., Andrea Henkel 6. and Magdalena Neuner 7.

November 29th 2006 Today started the World Cup season 2006/2007 and Katrin got rank 38 in the Individual. There were some surprises in the result list. You can find a link under Results.

August 10th 2006 The photos of the last meeting of the fan club you find here. Thanks goes to Antje Händel!

June 22nd 2006 The meeting of the fan club will take place at the training center at Frankenhain on July 8th 2006. The invitation as PDF file (German) or under Aktuelles on

May 2nd 2006 The meeting of the fan club will take place at Frankenhain on July 8th 2006. More informations gives Annett Schwarz, telephone +49-36205-90019.

March 26th 2006 Katrin achieved place 20 in the pursuit and the mass start race at the World Cup at Oslo. In the World Cup total score she got rank 8. It was a very successful season for the German biathlon women. Kati Wilhelm won the World Cup, Martina Glagow became third, Uschi Disl fifth, und Andrea Henkel seventh. So five Germans are under the first eight! Congratiolations and you have really deserved some days of relaxation!

March 23rd 2006 Last week the Worldcup took place in Kontiolahti and Katrin got the ranks 10 in the sprint, 10 in the pursuit and 19 in the mass start. The final of the World Cup is at the Holmenkollen at Oslo this week. There Katrin got rank 19 in the sprint competition.

March 11th 2006 Today Katrin had an error free shooting and moved forward from the 18th place after the sprint competition to the third place. Sandrine Bailly won the pursuit race in front of Kati Wilhelm.

February 26th 2006 The sport club SV Eintracht Frankenhain welcomes it's Olympic Champions Jens Filbrich and Katrin Apel at Frankenhain on February 28th 2006 at 6 p.m. All fans are welcome.

February 23rd 2006 Today the German relay team of the women with Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel and Kati Wilhelm obtained the Silver medal in the Olympic Winter Games. The Gold medal went to the russian team which needed only two extra cartridges. Congratulations!

February 18th 2006 Today Katrin got rank 11 in the Olympic pursuit race. Kati Wilhelm won gold, Martina Glagow the silver medal and Albina Akhatova became third. Congratulations!

February 16th 2006 Today the German biathlon women had bad luck with the weather conditions in the sprint race of the Olympic Winter Games at Cesana San Sicario. They had chosen the first group. That would have been an advantage in the case of rising temperatures. But it came other than expected. The snow fall stopped shortly after the begin of the race and the snow conditions became faster and faster.
Katrin got rank 22 with two errors in the shooting range. The other Germans got rank 7 (Kati Wilhelm), 17 (Martina Glagow) and 34 (Uschi Disl). Florence Baverel-Robert won before Anna Carin Olofsson and Lilia Efromova.

February 10th 2006 We wish Katrin all the best for the Olympic Winter Games at Turin and keep our fingers crossed.

January 22th 2006 Today Katrin got rank 11 in the mass start competition at Antholz. Despite the difficult conditions she had only 5 errors in the shooting range. The German team showed with Martina Glagow (1st), Andrea Henkel (2nd) and Uschi Disl (3rd place) their good form again.

January 21th 2006 In the Pursuit race at the World Cup at Antholz Katrin improved her rank 15 after the sprint to rank 8. The German women showed again their good form, especially Kati Wilhelm who made a double victory. All seven Germans were under the best eleven after the pursuit - Fantastic!

January 15th 2006 Today Katrin got rank 7 in the pursuit race at Ruhpolding. She missed only two targets in the shooting area. The race was thrilling until the photo finish, which won Liv Grete Poiree before Kati Wilhelm.

January 13th 2006 Today Katrin got rank 17 in the sprint race at Ruhpolding. She had 3 errors in the shooting area. We keep our fingers crossed that it runs better in the pursuit on Sunday.

January 11th 2006 Photo finish at Ruhpolding! The German woman relay team missed her first victory in the running World Cup very close. The winner was Russia. Katrin continued her good form from Oberhof.

January 8th 2006 Today Katrin demonstrated everybody how to shoot. She got rank 3 in the mass start in front of 25000 enthusiastic spectators and had only one error. Martina Glagow won before Olga Pylewa. Congratulations!

January 7th 2006 Today Katrin got two blanks in the fog lottery at Oberhof. The weather conditions were close to cancellation. Katrin had 5 errors and finished with rank 35. Kati Wilhelm won the race and stayed ahead of Anna Carin Olofsson and Linda Tjoerhom. We keep our fingers crossed for sunny weather in the mass start tomorrow.

January 5th 2006 The German relay team with Uschi Disl, Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel and Kati Wilhelm achieved the second place at the World Cup at Oberhof. The race was extremly thrilling and the weather conditions wih the wind and fog were very difficult. On the last lap Sandrine Bailly was able to achieve the first place before Kati Wilhelm and Olena Zubrilova.

December 18th 2005 Katrin showed her canstancy again with rank 10 in the sprint and rank 11 in the pursuit at Osrblie. She is currently at rank 6 in the World Cup and can be satisfied with her results. We wish Katrin and all fans Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

December 15th 2005 Today Katrin got rank 11 in the individual race at Osrblie. She had 3 errors in the shooting range

December 10th 2005 Katrin made the relay race today very thrilling. First she had zero errors in the prone shooting but in the standing shooting four bullets missed one target. Despite the penalty loop Katrin was very good and at the end the German team got rank 3 behind Norway and Russia.

December 9th 2005 Today Katrin showed her excellent fitness again. She got rank 11 in the sprint race with two shooting errors. The other Germans were also very successful - Kati 1st, Uschi 3rd, Simone 4th, Andrea 6th, Martina 12th und Katja 18th.

December 7th 2005 The individual race at Hochfilzen was not Katrin's race. She got rank 44 with 5 shooting errors. She gave Eurosport this interview.

November 29th 2005 Unfortunately Katrin has not been named for the German relay team today. It got rank 6 at the end.

November 27th 2005 Today Katrin got rank 15 in the pursuit race at Östersund. 6 penalty loops were just to much. But the German biathlon-women were successful again. Kati Wilhelm, Andrea Henkel and Uschi Disl got the ranks 2, 3 and 4.

November 26th 2005 Katrin had an excellent start into the new World Cup season. She got rank 3 in the sprint at Östersund today. Uschi Disl and Tadeja Brankovic got rank 1 and 2.

October 1st 2005 After the German Championships 2005 Katrin gave us this exclusiv interview.

June 10th 2005 The meeting of all members of the fan club will take place at Frankenhain/Thuringia on July 2nd to July 3rd 2005. We will do some arrow shooting, watch a competition of the kids and have a party. More informations (German)

March 22th 2005 The welcome-party for Katrin in her home village will take place on March 23rd 2005 at 7 p.m. Meeting point is the place near the restaurant "Deutscher Hof" at Gräfenroda.

March 19th 2005 The last mass start race of the season was not Katrin's race. Six errors in the shooting range were simply to much and so she became 21th. But Katrin got rank 8 in the total World Cup 2004/2005 - an excellent result.

March 17th 2005 In the pursuit Katrin came on rank 11 with 6 shooting errors. Kati Wilhelm wins this race and had won the sprint World Cup yesterday. Congratulations!

March 16th 2005 Katrin wins the sprint competition at Chanty-Mansijsk! She had zero errors in the shooting range and won her first World Cup after three years. Congratulations!

March 13th 2005 At the end of the World Championships got Katrin rank 16 in the mass start. Tomorrow she will fly to Siberia - to the World Cup finish at Chanty-Mansijsk.

March 11th 2005 Silver medal for the German women relay! Uschi Disl, Katrin Apel, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm had to let only the Russian women go ahead today. It has been a thrilling race and Katrin started a grand chase. The standing shooting has inspired us.

March 8th 2005 The laburnum for the German biathlon team of the women continues. Today Andrea Henkel surprised all of us with the next gold medal. Congratulations!
Katrin got rank 33 and can be satisfied with only four shooting errors. Stay healthy and in the relay race everything will be possible.

March 6th 2005 Katrin is coming back to old strength - place 7 in the pursuit. She showed us with only three shooting errors and an excellent time on the track what is possible even with start place 31. Uschi inspired us again with her second gold medal. Keep on going!

March 5th 2005 Joy and sorrow has been very close today. While we can congratulate Uschi Disl to her first victory in the World Championships in a single race, lost Kati, Katrin and Simone her nerves and made four errors in the shooting range. They got the ranks 28, 31 and 32. We keep our fingers crossed and hope the shooting will become better tomorrow in the pursuit.
We say thank you for the nice new photos to Hans-Peter Stadermann, Dajana Tröder and Oliver Neu.

February 21st 2005 Katrin has gone to her limits yesterday and got rank 12 in the mass start competition. She is healthy again and will go to Ridnaun. The German biathlon women do their preparation for the World Championships there.

February 19th 2005 Place 10 is fairly good. We keep our fingers crossed for the mass start tomorrow.

February 17th 2005 Katrin got rank 6 in the sprint competition at Pokljuka. She is back in the track of success and we hope that she can continue this in the next competitions.

February 12th 2005 Today Katrin got rank 18 in the sprint competition. Kati Wilhelm won this race - Congratulations!

February 10th 2005 Katrin has been ill some days and therefore it is not running very well. She got rank 32 in the individual World Cup today. We do hope for the sprint race on Saturday.

January 23rd 2005 The last two races were running not so well - Katrin got rank 17 in the individual and rank 21 in the sprint. But today there was a good closing. Despite four errors in the shooting range Katrin ran to rank 12 in the pursuit.

January 16th 2005 Today Katrin came in the pursuit race on rank 12.

January 14th 2005 Today Katrin got rank 17 and missed three targets in the shooting range. The pursuit on Sunday will run better, since the differences are small and for a good shot everything is possible.

January 12th 2005 Today the rule "The decision falls very often during the last shooting" was true again. In a thrilling race the german team with Uschi Disl, Katrin Apel, Matina Glagow and Kati Wilhelm became second behind Russia.

January 9th 2005 Today Katrin got rank 4 behind Uschi Disl, Kati Wilhelm and Linda Tjörhom. The german fans were very happy with this result and the nice atmoshere at Oberhof. The race was thrilling and the end open until the last shooting. Katrin has rank 9 in the World Cup now. Keep going!

January 8th 2005 Despite the strong wind showed the german biathlon women excellent results. Uschi Disl (2.), Kati Wilhelm (3.), Martina Glagow (7.) Katrin Apel (9.), Sabrina Buchholz (10.), Katja Beer (12.) and Andrea Henkel (24.) inspired the 19000 biathlon fans at Oberhof.
There are some new photos from Oberhof in the gallery.

January 6th 2005 The team of the german biathlon women won their first relay race in this World Cup season. Thousands of enthusiastic biathlon fans celebrated the victory in the Rennsteigarena at Oberhof. Uschi Disl, Katrin Apel, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm were at the finish 45 seconds in front of Russia and Slovenia. Congratulation!

December 30th 2004 Katrin and Peter Sendel got rank 12 at the World Team Challenge in the arena AufSchalke. It was Peter's last race and we wish Peter all the best for his future. He will become biathlon trainer.
At Christmas we made an interview with Katrin and we got some very nice photos of the last World Cups at Beitostølen and Oslo from Thomas. Thank you.

December 19th 2004 At the end of the competitions at Östersund Katrin was again in good condition. She got rank 8 at the mass start. So she goes with place 13 in the World Cup in the Christmas holidays.

December 18th 2004 Katrin can be very satisfied with place 8 in the sprint and place 9 in the pursuit race. Keep on going!

December 12th 2004 Today Katrin came on place 35 only. She missed 6 targets in the pursuit race. We all know that you can do it better...

December 11th 2004 Yesterday the jury canceled the race because of the fog. So all biathlon women had to concentrate again. The conditions today were very good - no wind and sun shine. The shooting was running not so good for the german biathlon women. Maybe the reason was the sun shine?!
Katrin came on place 17 and will start one minute behind the the first in the pursuit race tomorrow. There is everythng possible and we keep our fingers crossed for Katrin.

December 9th 2004 Today Katrin came on place 8 in the individual race at Oslo. That means, she achied the internal qualification for the World Championships. At the end she missed only two targets and was 1:30 minutes behind Martina Glagow. Congratulations!

December 4th 2004 After a thrilling chase Katrin obtained by fighting rank 18 in the pursuit race at Beitostolen.

December 2nd 2004 The start into the new World Cup was with place 29 not as good as expected. Dear Katrin, don't worry, the winter is long and in the pursuit you have new chances.

December 1st 2004 I have finished the relaunch of this website just before the first competition of the World Cup 2004/2005. Katrin, we keep our fingers crossed, when you will start tomorrow.
Nice regards from Katrin and she wishes all of you a nice Advent time and thrilling competitions. (Jens)